Sunday, January 27, 2013

Farm Update

Daddy giving a lesson on mushrooms in the forest. This was the "Poof" gesture.
Sooooo...what's happening with the farm? Well, everything and nothing at the same time.

We are still in our 'cozy' 2 bedroom apartment. Which, of course, has its challenges with such young children, who like to be loud and jump and kick and no backyard or space of their own to do such things. I'm hoping when we move into our house I'll stop having to say "Stop doing that, you'll wake the neighbours" and "Too loud" and "Stop jumping" every day.

The kids have settled in nicely. They like their room together, they like the indoor pool swimming in the evenings. They enjoy the elevator rides everyday and each has their own button to press. That makes them very happy! They have their job and they know it. However, if you press Adeleine's button you will hear "No MY BUTT. Ada's BUTT! MY BUTT!" followed by screaming. If you press Liam's button he will just crumple to the floor and cry loudly and you'll have to carry him all the way to the parking garage because his legs have turned to jello from the trauma. So don't press their buttons. Ever. I know the neighbours love us.
The kids like sharing a bed. They are not really looking forward to their own rooms. That my be a gradual process.
Andrew has been working hard on the drawings with a friend and building expert all through the fall months and is finishing them up today. Yay! Next, they get stamped, we apply for permits and then we are OK to start.  First we have to pull the utilities to the site, create a road and dig our septic and geothermal beds. Then we can start digging for the foundation. Sooo...still far off from getting to the actual 'building' part.

We like to drive by the property whenever we have the chance. Today we did our classic weekend day: woke up late, went for dim sum then went for a drive to the property just to take a look. Andrew and Liam went for a walk. Adeleine and I stayed in the car staying warm (we forgot to bring appropriate clothing for a walk in the snowy woods). In the summer this would normally be followed by a trip to the ice cream shack. But seeing as how it is January, it is closed. So we are curling up on the couch watching cartoons instead. Junk for the mind.  :)

We can't wait for our house! Its getting closer! One step at a time.

In the meantime, I'm reading up on my "Grit" and "Mother Earth News" magazines getting excited for our chickens and canning and having a kitchen big enough to bake in.

If anyone has any advice about farm-life I'd love to hear it! Also tips on choosing the right chicken breed and guard/farm dog would be much appreciated! 

The kids and I walking through the goldenrod. This will be our backyard one day. Can we borrow your goat?

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