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Stokke High Chair Review

This post goes in the "Baby Gear We Love" category. I won't post about the baby gear we find useless unless someone asks me about something in particular. Or unless I get ticked off while shopping. I like talking about stuff that is AWESOME!! 

I mentioned before in this post about some of our favourite newborn and toddler gear. Here is a more indepth look at our high chair(s) and why we love it(them).

Stokke High Chair - Trip Trapp

High chairs hold kids while they eat. That's pretty much it. So, I only had one basic criteria when I was high chair shopping: It must be beautiful.   It is a large piece of equipment that can dominate a room and shout "I'm obnoxiously ugly! Look at me! I match nothing in this room!" It will be in our house a looooong time. We had better love it. To me, beauty was NOT a giant squishy plastic chair covered in brown plaid (the equivalent of the tan Minivan of high chairs). We love Scandinavian design. We spent time in Sweden & Belgium and were inspired by their homes and decor. Every time I go to IKEA I flip out and have to restrain myself from buying everything (sometimes this works, sometimes not).   So, when thinking of our home, beauty to me includes simple, natural colours and a lot of wood. I was drawn to the traditional wooden high chair.

If IKEA made a wooden high chair I would have bought it, but, they don't (they make perfectly good plastic ones though- I almost bought one and I've heard they are awesome).  I found many traditional wooden chairs with fancy legs and blue plaid fluffy covers that looked like the kids that would be in them would wear bonnets.  I considered refinishing an old high chair, but that seemed like too much work and chemicals for a pregnant lady.

And then I found Stokke. OMG. It was perfect. Simple. Wood. Chair. It has a safety harness for infants, it is ergonomically correct, it grows with your child, it allows them to eat at the table WITH the family (not off to the side), it comes in many colours (we chose white to match our kitchen table) and it is BEAUTIFUL! Also, because it doesn't have that squishy plastic seat, crumbs get wiped right off instead of getting stuck in the cracks of the plastic to grow old and mold, so it is always (or can be) perfectly clean. It is quite comfortable and doesn't need a squishy seat anyway, but if you are thinking of comfort for your new baby's bum remember that your kid is already wearing a diaper (Do they really need more padding? I think not.). They can use this chair until they are ADULTS!

Liam was 6 months when we got the chair and he still uses it now (he's three and a half) and loves it.  I removed the harness when he got too big for it was going to put it back on when Adeleine was ready for a high chair. I thought we could just get a booster seat for Liam and she could have the Stokke. But, Liam loved his chair so much he didn't want to give it up, it was growing with him, always fitting perfectly and he could climb into it on his own (yay for independence!). So, I went and bought Adeleine her very own Stokke. Yes, now we have two. The kids have chairs they love, for life.  And I love them too - so beautiful! Yay!

Here they are, last Family Day making cookies at the table in their Stokke high chairs. Love it!
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Here is a link to the Stokke website where the features are explained in more detail. The Price Point on the Stokke is around $300 CDN, but keep in mind you will never have to buy a booster seat, which runs in the neighbourhood of $40-75. Since I have purchased the kids' chairs, I've come across other brands of beautiful Stokke-like chairs at or slightly below the same price point. 

One thing my hubby says could be improved is the release for the harness, he finds the buttons a bit small, he wishes they were bigger. Ah well. Maybe they'll improve that one day.

Coming soon: Tiny Diner & Snack Trap review

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