Friday, December 28, 2012

New Years Resolutions

It is approaching the new year and I haven't blogged in 6 months. So, I have some resolutions....the first being to try and blog at least once a week. If only to update on how boring/insane my life is. The second is to try and fit into pants again. More on this later. The third is...well, I don't know what the third is because the first two seem pretty daunting so lets not get crazy here with the promises only to be spiraling into the depths of shame in February for having publicly resolved to do stuff and failed.

Resolution #1: A few updates...

Kids: Liam, 4.5 years old. Super kid. High energy. Likes to test limits. Spirited. Obsessed with the limited amount of TV and candy he is allowed. Busy. Skeptical of Santa. Talks your ear off. Enjoys a good truck. I'd also like to mention again that he is high energy, spirited and busy.  He runs at top speed from the time he wakes up until his eyelids just cannot take it anymore and after a valiant fight, they finally give up and drop. It is both exhausting and exhilarating to be around this amazing child. He also still lets me give him kisses that squish his perfectly soft cheeks. This makes me very happy.

Adeleine, 28 months, 25 corrected. Increasingly chatty and spirited in her own right. Eats me out of house and home. Obsessed with playing with people's hair. Recently weaned herself and decided she was done with diapers (there's a story all on its own). Independent woman. Rocked her 2 year developmental follow up appointment. Sings constantly. Working on growing more hair of her own. Also has squishy baby cheeks that are delightful.

Between the two of them, everyday is an adventure and I love it.

Resolution #2: Pants

I mentioned that Adeleine recently weaned herself. It was amazing. Liam was more of a 'forced' weaning. It was getting frustrating, at 19 months he was getting weird and demanding and I was tired of waking up three times a night so I began the weaning process which involved Andrew rocking him while he screamed for hours for me while I cried in the next room. I'm sure that's what nature intended right? Um, no. Now I know that it was a phase and had I just let it progress naturally, he probably would have weaned himself happily, like Adeleine did. Live and learn. But I digress.

Back to the most recent weaning. She finally and voluntarily had her last 'boo' sometime in mid-October. She was 26 months (Yay for breastfeeding toddlers!). I knew that breastfeeding used up / burned calories. I did not realize how much I guess. 8 to 9 lbs of belly fat later at the end of November I could not wear pants. Could. Not. Wear. Pants......ANY pants. Ok, I could still fit into my Lulu's. But I could not wear Lulu's to work. So for the past two months I have only been able to wear skirts to work. I refused to go out and buy more work pants because, one, they are expensive, and two, I did not have this problem a few months ago and so it must be temporary, like maybe my body just needs to balance itself out and will go back to normal on its own. I am so delusional.

I really have no plan on how exactly I'm going to fit into pants again. My first attempt, which was to stop eating the leftovers from both of my kids plates, seemed reasonable, and yet, when I scraped the food into the garbage I thought "But I could EAT THAT! Its perfectly good food!". So I'm trying to convince myself that the food could be contaminated with whatever cold virus they are harbouring this week and that makes it less desirable. Less. Not completely undesirable. Which is why I still can't wear pants.

Hubby suggests something to the effect of sit ups and exercise and I proceed to bite his head off mercilessly. I use every waking minute of my life to make sure this family survives another day and sit ups seem like the stuff of luxurious lives, like something I would do if my house was totally clean, all the laundry was done, the kids were snugly in bed and I had read every book on my shelf and completed every one of my Pinterest pins. THEN I might have time for a sit up.


But probably not.

He has stopped suggesting. Smart man.

So, my resolution is to fit into my pants again. Not sure how that's going to happen. I'm sending positive vibes to my gut. That'll do it.

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