Sunday, April 15, 2012

I'm losing it.

In the past three months I have lost my wallet, my credit card and my engagement ring.

The wallet was lost for only a day. I frantically ripped apart my house and car and checked at both kids schools. I found it in my desk at work the next day.

The credit card was gone for two weeks. I kept checking to see if there were any weird charges, but no, it was not stolen, thank goodness. After two weeks of having absolutely no clue as to where it had gone, I found it by accident in the trunk of my car.

The engagement ring was lost first. About 7pm after a full day (which was technically a sick day, but as I've mentioned before if you have kids, you don't actually get to be properly sick on sick days) I suddenly noticed it was gone. Hand felt naked. Awful feeling in my tummy. It's probably in the last place I was, so I checked the kitchen. Nope. Okaaaaay, maybe it was in the bathroom where I bathed the kids. Nope. Okaaaay, maybe it's on the floor somewhere between the bathroom and the kitchen and the place where I discovered it was gone. Nope. I wrote down everything I did that day, it was a long list and my travels included virtually every room in the house plus my car and Liam's school. This "maybe it's here" thought process went on for the next few hours, days, weeks, months. Finally after ripping apart my house, car, desk at work, asking both of the kids schools to look (again), I just had NO idea where it was.

Places I looked for my ring: 
Kitchen (counters, cupboards, drawers, floors)
3 Bathrooms
Every other room in the house
Every Bed / sheets
All Dresser drawers
Every pocket of my clothes & coats
Couch & chair crevices
Washer & dryer
Compost Bin (ew)
Several garbage bags (ew, ew, ew)
Desk, floors and parking lot at work
Kids' Schools including parking lots
Ground around the community mailbox
Vacuum bags
Sink traps

Two months went by. 

It was really gone. I was so sad. Others I asked to look were sad FOR me! It made me more sad to answer the "Did you find your ring?" question with No.

There was one place left to look. The last resort was the tub drain trap. To open it up Andrew had to pull back the basement ceiling tiles, saw the pipe (the previous home owners did not have the foresight to make it accessible) and then replace the whole trap with a new (adjustable) one. So, good husband that he is, opened everything up and the ring...WAS.......not there.

Then I was really really sad. That was my last good idea. Defeated we went upstairs, Andrew ran to the grocery store and then we started to make dinner. We got some new onions so I took the old ones out of the bowl in the fridge (we keep them in there so the skins don't go all over the place) and was about to put the new ones in when I noticed something shiny at the bottom of the bowl. MY RING!!! It was in a bowl of onions in the fridge for two months.

It is a horrible feeling to have something you treasure just disappear into thin air (or a bowl of onions, however it may be). I was so relieved I started to cry, which freaked out Liam so I had to explain that I was just really happy. Andrew and I had a laugh (hee hee?) that the ring was found just an hour and a half after he sawed apart the tub drain pipe. Oopsie?

So here it is, two weeks later and I've managed to lose other minor things in the meantime. Sometimes I spend entire days just being frazzled. Utterly clueless as to where my belongings have gone. I clearly need to slow down and pay attention before I misplace one of my kids! Good thing they are loud. At least Liam is. Adeleine, well, I'll have to put a bell on her.

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  1. It just fell off? Perhaps it's time to get it re-fitted, before it does actually go down the drain!

    As for the wallet and credit card. . .you need some sleep my love :)


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