Monday, November 21, 2011

No sick days, but the benefits are good.

Fair warning: This is a pity party post. You don't want to join my party, skip it. 

Apparently I run this house like a JIT (just in time) operation. When I get sick and the laundry doesn't get done, suddenly no one has any underwear or pants. I don't know how that happens since we have plenty of both, but after just two days, I'm sending Liam to school in sweatpants and I'm wearing my fancy panties. Not to mention that I can't see the kitchen coutertops anymore because every darn dish has decided to dirty itself and go sunning on the counter. It is a finely tuned machine this household and when the only thing I can do is lie around on the couch creating piles of used tissues, the machine stops. Hubby is a big help, no doubt, but when he gets home I dump the kids with him so I can have a break.
No one tells you this story when you have kids. No one warns you that you will never be allowed to be sick again. Like really wallow in your sickness until you get better. I remember the days when I would get a nasty cold, take a few days off work, hang out on the couch by myself, curl up in the the fetal position, wallow in my snot, moan to myself how much this sucked, drink my tea and rest. Glorious rest in a quiet house. And then I would feel better and go back to work. OMG that was awesome. But, those days are over.  OVER. Mommies can't take a few days off work. Heck, we can't even take an hour off work. Mommies are 24-7-365 with no sick days.
This week I had a bug. The second in so many months, since Liam is so generous with his viruses (thanks honey bunny!). I was coughing so hard I puked snot kinda sick. Lovely. I still had to get up early, feed and dress two kids, drive Liam to school, come home, feed and entertain Miss Adeleine all day, go pick up Liam and then start the evening routine. I got about 15 minutes to myself in the evening before Adeleine decided she needed to scream until I came back to get her from daddy. (Why? Daddy is awesome! Stay with daddy for a few more minutes. Please? Please? No?)
The next day was no better but with the added task of taking the car in to get a new battery because it finally decided that TODAY would be the perfect day to die forever in the school parking lot.  I actually did that thing in the movies where people put their forehead on their steering wheel and moan "uuuuuggggghhh".  I won't lie. It felt good to do that. That morning I sooooo just wanted to be home on my couch by myself drinking tea and not hacking up a lung at the car dealership "Um...can I get you a glass of water?" Yeah, do you also have a pillow and some blankets? Here, take my cute wiggling hungry kid for an hour while I nap right here in the back of this new Highlander.

Being sick sucks. Being sick while being a mom sucks more.

Pity party over.

The end.

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