Wednesday, May 18, 2011

What's new

So spring is here! We've got quite a few little projects going on around here.

Spring Renos
Andrew tore out the giant Z-shaped bar in our basement and replaced the resulting Z-shaped hole in the carpet. We sold the 8 bar stools that went with it to an over-excited 20-something guy and his friends. On 'big garbage day', also known as 'trade your garbage with your neighbors day', we gave away the mold-filled bar fridge (not to our neighbours, but to a professional garbage picker). The Z-bar is no more. Yippie! It's like we now have a whole other room in our basement! The space that sucker took up was enormous. Liam (who helped with the bar demolition) is thrilled he can ride his toys all over the place at ridiculous speeds now. More room for kids to play - yay!

Spring Plantings
The seeds arrived in March and some were started the last week of April under the grow lights. Soon these seedlings will be planted in the gardens that we have been de-weeding, turning and adding our compost to for the past three weeks. Other seeds have just been planted outside and we are hoping to see them sprout soon! Next step is to buy some more seedlings and add those into the garden over the next few weeks. As usual, we will plant more than we can keep up with. We have already harvested super tall asparagus, which is also super delicious. I love our gardens!

Liam started playing soccer once a week with other three year olds. This is incredibly adorable. 20 little munchkins running around chasing 30 tiny soccer balls. Hilarious. Liam was covered in sweat from running around kicking the ball prior to the session even starting. He is super excited to be playing soccer.

Spring Colds
The family has just come down with our first simultaneous cold. Friday through Sunday we were all down for the count (except Adeleine, thank goodness, she just got a sniffly nose). Hoping the sun comes out and dries up all our snot.

Birthday Party Planning
Liam's birthday is coming up and we are planning an Animal-themed party. I am so freaking excited! Guests will come dressed as their favourite animal. This is going to be incredible! Liam's favourite animal is a lion (RRRROWR!!!) so that is what he will be and if you ask him what you should be he'll say a lion too. Perhaps I should have just made this a lion party. Ah well. It is a no-gift party (Really, this three year old has lots of stuff already, he doesn't actually need anything so gifts simply aren't necessary. And since there will be at least 40 people there it would be totally overwhelming to him to have that many gifts - put it this way, Christmas was overwhelming to him and we didn't have anywhere near 40 people giving him gifts. We just want people to BE there to celebrate. That is a gift.), so in lieu of gifts we are providing guests an opportunity to donate their pocket change to an African animal refuge where they care for, rehabilitate and release (if possible) wild animals (Lions too!). We will make the donation in Liam's name, which he thinks is pretty cool. I'm in party planning mode! RRROWR!

So that's what is new around here!

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