Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Bloggy, blog, blog

So far this blog has had over 700 pageviews from readers from all over the world! Thanks guys!

A big Thank You to readers from:
South Korea

Wow! That's really great! :)

I'm so glad you guys are enjoying this, since I am enjoying writing it!  I tend to walk around writing the article in my head for a day or two before I sit down and bang it out while Adeleine is sleeping. There are several more articles starting to rattle around in there so I thought I'd share a sneak peak! 

Upcoming blog posts may include:
Adeleine's NICU Story (continued). This one is a bit hard for me to write as I'm not looking forward to going back there in my head, but I know it will be good for me to reflect on our experience. I'll get to this in the next few weeks. Ugh.
The Montessori Experience. I'll go through our wonderful daycare experience, how we came to enroll Liam in Montessori and how it is working out for him so far!
The Garden (continued). We ordered the seeds. I'll give an update on how the garden is coming along once the two feet of snow melts.
The Bubble. Due to Adeleine's lung condition we have been living in a bubble (no visitors, no outings, no errands) since she came home from the hospital. 
Breastfeeding. Since I had two very different experiences with breastfeeding I'll share what I've learned about this surprisingly difficult (but completely worth it) skill. I am so pro-boob!  I'll also provide a bunch of links to my favourite breastfeeding resources and of course, the breastfeeding god, Dr Jack Newman.

Please send me your questions about existing articles and ideas for new articles too! I get so excited to write about these!!!

Sometimes, as people send me questions or as I think of more things, I go back and add content to old articles.  So, sorry if you are getting notifications of new postings and you can't find anything new.   And if you haven't viewed any of the old articles in awhile, you may want to go back and have a look because there may be more pictures or new content.

Also, I've made leaving comments easier (I think), so if you've tried to leave a comment before and found it was a pain in the ass, try again and let me know if it still is...  I'm learning this bloggy thing on the fly so please bear with me!

Thank you 700 times!!!


  1. Carrie, have you heard of these yet? It is quite popular with some other Mommy blogs that I read and may be worth it to direct more readers to your blog.

  2. P.S. Something is up with your comments still. I can't seem to post thru my google acct.

  3. Thanks Danielle! I signed up for topmommyblogs!
    And hmmmmm...I will look into the comments thingy a little more. I opened it up so users wouldn't have to be registered, but that may have screwed it up for those who already are! I'll keep playing with it! :(


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